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Lime Kiln Canyon
Lime Kiln Canyon
Lime Kiln Canyon
Hancock Canyon
Peterson Point Overlook
Ash Hills
Trail Intersection 121 x 697
Hancock Canyon
Hancock Canyon
The Ash Hills
Lime Kiln Canyon
Casto Canyon
The Squeeze Casto Canyon
Lime Kiln Canyon
Lime Kiln Canyon
Lime Kiln Canyon
Casto Canyon
Casto Canyon
Casto Canyon
Casto Canyon
Casto Canyon
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8+ Canyons, Bryce Canyon Red Rocks, Amazing Volcanology, ONLY With American ATV Rentals

First, we are the ONLY ATV RENTAL COMPANY IN UTAH that allows you to ride in real back-country Canyon environments- including the Claron (Red Rock) Formations that make Bryce Canyon Geology Famous!

OTHER ATV rentals in this area take you on dirt roads surrounded by Pine Trees without views!

Also, with the others you’ll go with a group led by an employee or you’ll ride around on a few miles of dirt roads they allow you to ride on, and you WILL NOT SEE the geology for which Bryce Canyon is so well known.

We ride out of the Panguitch Valley into the Bryce Canyon ATV Trails starting at 6600′-7000′ above Sea Level and we are Surrounded by Spectacular Canyons and 9,500-11,000′ Mountain Peaks in all directions – ON ALL OUR Routes! With our service you self-guide after a detailed orientation. You select your own routes (we’ll help if need be), & you decide when, where and how often to stop, and at what Pace you’ll go- because you customize your own rental!

The most strikingly beautiful aspect of this Area is that it Connects Bryce Canyon Geological Gems Casto Canyon, Lime Kiln Canyon, Upper and Lower Hancock Canyons, Sanford Creek Canyon, Smith Canyon, Losee Canyon Entrance, Red Canyon Entrance, The Black Mountain Lava Flow and Proctor Canyon to Panguitch.

Our Area features the Most scenic Off-Roading in the USA. The Panguitch Valley is gateway to numerous Canyons and Mountain Ranges, with the beautiful Bryce Canyon Red Rock on dramatic display along the Sunset Cliffs and Casto Canyon. There are 100 miles of very easy routes and 1000’s of Miles of the most scenic riding in the USA in this area. The “easy” scenic trails are popular for short 2 hour UTV rentals or for longer “learning to ride” or “skills building/practice” ATV, UTV & Dirtbike rentals. For Longer 4-8 hour rentals there are Endless options- you can ride 30-130 miles through Multiple Canyons and geological areas – all depending on how often you stop, and what areas you want to link together through our vast Multi-Canyon and Mountain Range Systems.

Our most highly recommended Scenic Two Hour 4 or 6 Seat Family UTV Route (or any Vehicle Type) for those who want to tour the Red Rocks of Bryce Canyon Country by ATV, UTV or Dirtbike takes you across Panguitch Valley to the Sunset Cliffs where you can view Casto Canyon, Losee Canyon & The Black Mountain Lava Flow – with the turn around point being the entrance to Red Canyon. This route is one of our smoothest Routes and can be done 90% in High Range 2WD; it also has Restrooms available midway at Casto Canyon. If you want to Venture up the 7 mile Casto Canyon Trail past the “width restriction” gate, you can rent a vehicle that is legal in Casto, which has a 50″ width restriction.

For UTV Riders looking to Experience Rugged Backcountry Adventure without a width restriction, our most highly recommended  Two Hour Route for 4 or 6 Seat Family UTV’s is Lime Kiln Canyon Summit and Back. Here you’ll use Low Range 4wd for 50% of your Rental. This route is slower going than the Sunset Cliffs Route because of the 10 Miles climbing & Descending Lime Kiln Canyon to the saddle below Hancock Peak.

Yet another amazing route for one of a kind geology is the 4 Hour Ride that Combines The Sunset Cliffs,(Casto Canyon and Black Mountain Lava Flow) area with the ascent up Volcanic Lime Kiln Canyon- connected by the Panguitch Valley trails.

And a Favorite Ride of UTV & ATV rider’s alike is the 45 Mile Peterson Point ride, which can be done with a 4 Hour Half Day ATV or UTV Rental.

For the Most Spectacular Ride in the USA see my post Titled “The Panguitch Loop”

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