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Hancock Canyon
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Lime Kiln Canyon – Bryce Canyon

Seen up close Only by ATV in the Bryce Canyon back-country, this Ashen sandstone is loosely lithified (turned to stone) and crumbling in places. This is the Brian Head formation, and it is dramatic evidence of the largest Super-volcanic eruption the world has ever experienced.

horseshoe atv trail utahThese beautiful multicolored hoodoos are on display up close as you enter the first mile and begin the Lime Kiln Canyon ascent. Continuing upwards through Lime Kiln and Hancock Canyons, the multi-colored hoodoos you’ll see here are unique on planet earth. The Brian Head Formation is the debris and fallen Ash plumes from this massive Super Volcanic eruption.

This cataclysmic event is dated at about 30 Million Years Ago (MYA). The remnants of the Brian Head Event Volcanic Caldera are located about 80 Miles West of Lime Kiln Canyon & Panguitch, UT, astride the Utah / Nevada Border.

Geologists also refer to the Brian Head ash deposits as the “ Wah Wah Springs Tuff.” Below is the Caldera Location Map:wah wah Springs Mao

This is one of our most popular ATV Trails in the Bryce Canyon Backcountry.

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