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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent an ATV, Dirtbike or UTV without going on a “Tour” and ride unguided?

Yes!!! That’s what makes us different than other offroad rental companies in the Bryce Canyon Utah Area and the USA. Our rentals are true rentals- NOT TOURS- and we refer to them as “Self Guided.” Our rental territory is the largest of any company in the USA- not just a few miles of dirt roads like the other guys-  and you are free to ride for dozens, or even hundreds of miles  without a guide!!! Learning the basics of safe 4 wheeler ATV or UTV operation and navigation is included with our rental service. No experience is required.

Do I need a special license to operate an OHV in Utah?

Utah has a Free, Fast Online OHV Certification Course that is required for ALL 16+ OHV Operators (but not passengers). It takes about 15 minutes to complete this Free Course. It consists of a few short videos and a few short questions. You may NOT fast forward through the videos. Hint: AS you answer the multiple choice questions look at the bottom of the page you are on if you are unsure of your answer. If your first answer is incorrect a message telling to “Try Again” will appear if you answered incorrectly. Don’t stress about this- it is fast & free and the software literally will not let you fail! Everyone can easily obtain their OHV Cert. Once you’ve completed the course you provide an email and they will send you your Cert Card PDF. Save it on your phone as a file, photo or screenshot (or print it out if you prefer).


Can I book Last minute, the same day or the day before I want to ride?

Yes, however, PLEASE call to confirm vehicle/ start time availability if you are booking an Arrival Time less than 24 Hours in Advance. If you don’t call to Confirm Availability on last minute reservations (less than 24 hours in advance) Start Time & Vehicle Choices ARE NOT GUARANTEED. We will have something for you to ride on your booking Date- but last minute bookings will be supplied Vehicles & Start Times dictated by availability on your Rental Date.

Do you rent Or supply trailers for off-road vehicle transport?

We are a RIDE-IN/ RIDE-OUT Rental Company. We have 1000’s of miles of the most spectacular riding in the USA riding out from and surrounding our location. The State of Utah has over 80,000 Miles of interconnected Off-Road Routes and ATV Trails!!! The experience we offer is very unique & Simply Amazing! If you desire to trailer our vehicles to a different area please notify us prior to booking for management input & approval of your ride plan. You will need your own trailer. We do not rent trailers, However Royal Express in Panguitch is a U-Haul Dealer and may have trailers available 435-676-8300.

Do you have rides or vehicles suitable for BEGINNERS who have never done this before?

Yes! Please call for details if this FAQ Page does not answer all your questions. Our Process: We base our route recommendations on your vehicle type, your experience, your rental time and current trail conditions. Please let us know during orientation if you are a first timer, or if you are concerned about navigation because of limited experience. First timers & questions are not a problem, knowing this helps us to help you have a great day.

Arrival Time & Orientation Process

Orientation begins promptly at your Reservation ARRIVAL TIME – Our ORIENTATION PROCESS will answer most questions and explain your map and route in detail. We generally spend 30-60 minutes with every group going over navigation and equipment. It is our policy that we educate you to the point where you are clear and comfortable with your issued map, highlighted route suggestions, directions and machine operation before we release you and start your rental timer. It is important to note: Your rental clock starts after this detailed Orientation. (BOOK YOUR ARRIVAL TIME either online or over the phone).  The Orientation Time IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR RENTAL TIME UNLESS YOU ARRIVE LATE. Please arrive on time packed and prepared for orientation. The process starts with two Rental Contracts and security deposit immediately upon your reservation arrival time. You do not have time to waste prior to departure for the trailhead! If you have a PARTIAL DAY RENTAL, please finish your shopping, personal preparation & OHV Course prior to Arrival! If you feel like you may need more time please feel free to arrive earlier than your Reservation Arrival Time. If you have a FULL DAY RENTAL, you can schedule your reservation arrival time for anytime of the day from 9am onwards, however your return time Will Remain 6pm, regardless of what time you choose to arrive and get started.

Where can I ride off-road vehicles in your area?

We have thousands of miles of trails and routes in Southern Utah and the Bryce Canyon Backcountry that you can ride to legally right from our shop using the back streets of our town, Panguitch Utah. In fact, American ATV Rentals Bryce Canyon Backcountry has the largest backcountry wilderness riding and recreational area of ANY rental company in the Continental United States! There are over 3000 miles of trails and routes in our spectacular Garfield County Utah directly accessible from town WITH NO TRAILERING – and 1000’s more miles of routes that travel through the surrounding Counties that can be ridden to/from Panguitch. The bottom line is that Panguitch Utah is paradise found for off-road enthusiasts and wilderness adventurers of all types.

Do you require and provide helmets?

Yes and Yes. We include and REQUIRE HELMETS WITH ALL RENTALS, including UTV’s. We have full face MX style helmets from adult XXL to youth (kids) X-Small. If you have small children under 6 we recommend you supply your own bicycle, off-road or skateboard helmet to ensure proper fit. Infant size or tiny kids bicycle helmets are usually available at such websites as or similar and many Walmart stores carry a limited supply of these small kid’s specialty helmets. Any age rider that has their own Helmet or safety gear they’d like to bring and use is welcome to do so, as long as it passes our safety inspection and snug fitment requirements. Meaning the helmet must be safe and fit properly.

Do you have multi-person vehicles?

Yes we have 2, 4 & 6 Seat UTV’s. These are our most popular Vehicle Category.  These are also called “ Side-by-Sides” or “RZR’s” (pronounced “Razors”). These are small powerful Off-road cars with seat belts, roll cages, lots of ground clearance, etc. They are a blast for riding with family and friends.

These vehicles are ideal for families with children of all ages. From young kids just a few years old, all the way up to your adult children, UTVs or “Side-by-Sides” offer a great family off road Adventure for all ages.

How old do I have to be to rent a UTV or Side-By-Side?

-25 years old with valid driver’s license and Visa or Master Card for $3000 Security Deposit.

-30 years old with valid driver’s license and Visa or Master Card for a $1500 Security Deposit.

-Security Deposit varies depending on vehicle type, valuation, rider experience & age. Your Automobile Insurance DOES NOT COVER ATV, UTV OR DIRT BIKE RENTALS OR DAMAGES. you must have a Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit card with you at the time of vehicle pick up for your Security Deposit ”bank hold.”

If I am the financially responsible UTV renting parent of a driver under 25 can I authorize my young driver to operate a rental UTV?

YES, with a $6000 Security Deposit.  This is only applicable with parents and their youth or young adult children ages 16-25. You MUST have a phone call with management & approval prior to booking this type of reservation.

How old do minor children need to be to operate their own single seat ATV? (An ATV is a 4 wheeler – it has handle bars and you sit astride it – These “4 wheeler” ATV’s are for one person only!)

16 or Older, riding in the same group of vehicles with their parent or legal guardian. Parents must release liability for minors, and take financial responsibility for the minors actions. Parents must ride in the group with minor children at all times. Minor children may not ride on their own.

How old do I have to be to rent an ATV or Dirtbike without a Parent?

18 years old with valid driver’s license and Visa or Master Card for security deposit. Security Deposit varies depending on vehicle type, valuation, rider experience & age. 16-17 Can Ride their own ATV / Dirtbike with Parents as Renter.

Can I put a PASSENGER on a dirtbike or ATV?


I’ve never ridden a dirt-bike and want to learn to ride – can I rent one with no experience

The answer is YES, with an important “IF” – IF you bring a riding buddy “teacher” who can pass our motorcycle knowledge and riding test. The teacher (or friend/ parent) must rent a vehicle from us as well, unless they have their own vehicle. Our ATV’s and dirt-bikes are for the operator only. NO PASSENGERS. The teacher must be able to ride a motorcycle safely through the streets of our town to the dirt roads in our Valley that are suitable for teaching and learning to ride motorcycles. If you do not know how to ride and don’t have a teacher – please call well in advance and schedule a “Learn to Ride Off-road Motorcycles” Lesson with Owner Dave Walker.

We recommend an ATV and a dirt-bike for instructors planning to teach a new rider to ride a dirt-bike. Never-ever riders usually have no problem quickly learning the basics of safe 4 wheeler ATV operation so getting both vehicles to the trailhead and teaching area can be easily accomplished in this way for renters whose goals include “Learning to Ride a Dirt Bike”

I am an experienced motorcyclist and/or dirtbike rider- do I need a teacher or instruction?

NO, but you must pass an motorcycle riding test and controls knowledge test administered on site before being allowed to take a motorcycle into the back-country. This is a Pass / Fail Test – with a Pass determined Solely by David – owner of American ATV Rentals. If you do not pass the motorcycle test you MAY be offered an ATV – Based on availability and your attitude. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS if you do not pass your riding test, STORE CREDIT FOR RESCHEDULE ONLY.

Can I Use my Car Insurance for a Security Deposit instead of a Visa or Mastercard?


YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER DAMAGES TO RENTAL ATV, UTV OR DIRT BIKE VEHICLES. The Renter is Personally Financially Responsible For Any Damages to Rental Equipment and each vehicle requires a Security Deposit. Some insurance companies might reimburse you for damages in the unlikely circumstance you damage one of our vehicles. We will provide you a receipt in this case, and you can have that discussion with your insurance company after you’ve paid us out of your own pocket.

PREPARATION: What Equipment should I bring for my rental

You are going into a spectacular and truly remote backcountry & Wilderness. Be Prepared. Riders Equipment you should supply: Sturdy Shoes, or hiking / riding boot. NO OPEN TOED TEVA OR ANY TYPE OF SANDAL IS PERMITTED FOR PASSENGERS OR OPERATORS OF ANY OFBOUR OFFROAD VEHICLES. Long Pants are recommended with Zippered or sturdy Velcro pockets, temperature appropriate shirt and extra layers for weather, rain, mud, dust etc. An option for comfort is a Dust Mask. If you don’t have one we sell inexpensive dust masks or bandannas for riders who want one!

PREPARATION: Supplies / Gear for convenience & comfort:

Backpack or Zippered bag with straps that can easily be tied down to an ATV Rack or in a UTV bed. We supply backpacks, tie downs and bungee cords included with your rental if you do not have one of your own, or if you simply prefer to use ours. You should pack waterproof wind proof windbreaker type jacket, sunblock, lighter or matches, phone and or walkie-talkies, etc…

PREPARATION: Drinks and snacks:

For ATV’s you’ll need a “COLD BAG” (or regular backpack) that can be bungee corded to an ATV rack. For UTV’s a small or medium size Hard Cooler WITH Attached Lid will work but NO STYROFOAM COOLERS and no coolers that have a separate lid- bring Plenty of Hydrating Drinks – NO ALCOHOL! -Water, Gatorade, snacks or meal.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON! RENTAL VEHICLE STORE CREDIT & RESCHEDULING ONLY – BASED ON AVAILABILITY ONLY. You May reschedule without a re-booking fee with 72 Hours Advance Notice. You May reschedule or Change Vehicle types, or rental dates as long as you provide at least 72 Hours Advance Notice. In the event of Weather Delay or Cancellation THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. STORE RENTAL CREDIT AND RESCHEDULE ONLY. In the event you have a last minute need to change or reschedule- PLEASE CALL ASAP- we will do our best to accommodate your Change request with a minimal fee- which may be waived under certain circumstances- BUT – like all change requests- rescheduling or vehicle changes are BASED ON AVAILABILITY. With Rescheduling We will be able to offer an alternative vehicle, date or time if your first choice no longer work for your needs- However- this is based on availability.

In the rare event of Weather or Mechanical Delay we will Extend the Rental Return Time to make up for lost time or issue an appropriate Store Credit only for a different day or vehicle. HOWEVER WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR MECHANICAL DELAYS OR WEATHER DELAY. We will offer another vehicle or date/time only.