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Directions and Geology Notes:

Casto Canyon trailhead, Sunset Cliffs, Black Mountain Lava Flow: All Vehicles Types. 4 & 6 Seat UTV’s can only do the first 100 yards of Casto Canyon before they encounter the 50″ Restrictor Gate.

Vehicle’s wider than 50” may view Casto from it’s trailhead entrance. After arriving at Casto Canyon on the North end of the Sunset Cliffs all vehicles have the option to continue South past Casto Canyon  for the next 8 miles staying on BLM 1800 along the base of the Sunset Cliffs.

A mile or so past Losee Canyon the Black Mountain Lava Flow comes into view – here Lava burst out from the Red Rocks East of you about 1 Million Years Ago. You’ll cross over the Lava Flow on the road- note it’s black Basalt Boulders and the black hills the flow formed looking West – The Flow hills are covered with pine trees in this spot, contrasting sharply with the Bryce Canyon Claron Formation Red Rocks. Continue for another 2 miles to the turn around and viewing area at the base of Red Canyon & Highway 12.

Looking Back to the North is a Great Vantage point to view the enormous Pyramid Shaped “Black Mountain” that erupted from the side of the Bryce Canyon Red Rocks of the Sunset Cliffs. It’s so steep and rugged here that nothing really grows on it- and it presents as a Black Mountain of boulders from this vantage point. This 30 mile ride- “The Sunset Cliffs and Back” is a great 2 hour ride for all vehicles.

Casto Canyon beyond the Restrictor Gate is our Most popular 2 or 4 hour ride for ATVs,  Dirt Bikes, 2 Seat “Trail” model (50″ wide or less) UTVs.

This narrow Canyon Route is considered the most scenic off-road trail is the USA! The geology here is Bryce Canyon Red Rock Claron Formation- that’s the geological formation that makes Bryce Canyon National Park famous.

Guests may access the dry toilets at the Casto Canyon Trailhead with all vehicle types.

Directions to Casto Canyon, the Sunset Cliffs & The Black Mountain Lava Flow: From the Silver Eagle Gas Station and Carwash on the South East Corner of Panguitch:

Your guide will lead you from American ATV Rentals to this Point. From here you travel 7 Miles on a good, smooth BLM Route to Casto Canyon and the Sunset Cliffs.

The first trail on this route runs East along the North side of US 89 leaving Panguitch at this point. Go  East about 1 Mile to where this Trail ends at Roller Mill Hill Rd. Turn Left on the Paved Roller Mill Hill Rd. Follow Roller Mill Hill Rd down the hill across the river and about 1 Mile until it Turns Sharply Left and turns to a Dirt Road.

Stay Left on the dirt road- Do Not Go Right into the meadow trail. Stay Left on this good, well maintained 2 lane wide dirt road. Pass the Panguitch landfill on your right in about 1 mile on this most obviously well traveled dirt road (1800).

Shortly after the landfill you may notice a fork to the Left. The Trail on the Left is BLM 1870; The Main Road you are on is BLM 1800. There may or May NOT be a trail number sign here. (It’s frequently laying on the ground.)

Stay Right on 1800, which is obviously wider, smoother and more well graded than 1870 on the left. Continue along 1800 and in a few minutes you’ll ascend a ridge- on the other side you’ll see the beautiful Red Rocks of the Sunset Cliffs come into view. Continue on 1800 ( the main dirt road you’re on) until you reach the Casto Canyon Trailhead. This part is very obvious and remarkable- as the Red Rocks of the Bryce Canyon Claron Formation Tower above you running North-South.

50″ wide vehicles on 2 Hour Rentals have the option of enter the Rugged Casto Canyon Trail and ride up the Canyon until they reach their turn around time.

Two Hour 4-6 Seat UTV’s can stop here for photos and a short hike into Casto Canyon if desired. 4-6 Seat UTV’s Continue South on 1800 to view The Black Mountain Lava Flow and Red Canyon entrance, & turn around at Highway 12.

4 Hour / Half Day ATV Rentals (50″ wide vehicles or less) can ascend the 7 Miles up Casto Canyon to the 697 Spur Trail and go out to Peterson Point if there is time and rider skill and trail conditions allow.

4 Hour / Half Day 4-6 UTV Rentals can do this Ride and Combine it with Lime Kiln Canyon or other 2 Hour Routes if desired.

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