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Sanford Creek Canyon, Blind Spring Mtn, Lime Kiln Canyon Loop

Ride includes Lime Kiln Canyon, Hancock Peak, “Blind Spring Mtn Saddle Summit,” Adams Head Peak, Sanford Creek Canyon. This ride can be done in either direction, though we generally recommend ascending by Lime Kiln Canyon and descending through Sanford Creek Canyon in summer conditions.

4 Hours, 40 Miles

As you look at these wildly shaped stratographic layers, note the extreme mixing of colors and materials- stones, sand, volcanic ash, mud, etc. Notice some gaping openings forming small and large caves. Some of these caves may have been air pockets- or the resting places of trees that have long since rotted away. Now visualize this huge flow of liquid concrete sliding down hill, following the lower contours of the ground. This giant mudslide is MILES across and hundreds of feet high. And it’s probably moving between 20 – 70 MPH! It picks up everything in its path and carries it. Trees, stones, giant ancient boulders, hills of volcanic ash and debris, all liquefied (a process called “Liquefaction”) and moving from high to low ground with “Gravity.”

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